Stone Sour to Release New Music!

STONE SOUR has entered Sphere Studios in North Hollywood to work on a new album! Corey said they have written a whopping eighteen new songs for its sixth studio album for a release this summer on Roadrunner Records.


“I am so stoked,” Corey said. “It’ll be the first album that we’re doing with [Johny] Chow, our bass player, and Christian Martucci, our new guitar player. And it is fantastic. It is some of the best material we’ve ever written. It is so good, and it is such a great amalgam of all of these different styles that we just absolutely love. It’s got a little bit of the heavy, like we like to do, but it’s also way more hard rock — way more rock ‘n’ roll and hard rock than heavy. I mean, there’s even a little bit of punk in there. And there’s an energy there that is gonna decimate and blow away a lot of stuff that comes out next year. That’s how excited I am.”

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